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Kru Clifton​

Kru Clifton Brown is the first Canadian World Champion with a long and decorated career as a fighter, coach and promoter. 5 x World Muay Thai champion holding titles with:IMF(1x)WMC(3x)IKKC(1x) Kru Clifton is also Canada’s first National team head coach. 2009 | Team 1 | Head Coach | Contender Asia | Season 2 |

Ajahn Suchart

Born in the early 1960s, Ajahn Suchart has a long history with the tradition and art of Muay Thai. Beginning at the early age of nine, Ajahn Suchart competed in Muay Thai in his small village community in Mae Hong Son. At the age of 9, he moved to an all-boys Catholic boarding school in Chiang Mai to pursue education while continuing to learn Muay Thai. His professional career quickly evolved to competing in Chiang Mai by the age of 14 where he demonstrated great success. In 1982 and 1983 when only in his early 20s, he became Northern Thailand Champion where he held the title for an unprecedented two years. He has competed in Bangkok’s largest, most highly respected Muay Thai stadiums and has also tested his skills in over a dozen bare-knuckle fights throughout the world. His last bare-knuckle fight was in 2012!

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