About Our Classes​

What To Expect At Your First Class​

When you arrive for your first class, you’ll be greeted at the front desk with a smile. We’ll help you get oriented with the gym, and sign in. We ask that you arrive approximately 5 minutes early for class so we can show you around. When you begin class, you will be greeted by your coach and can ask any questions you might have before class begins.

Muay Thai

Each class varies in the techniques taught but typically start with a round of jump rope followed by a round of shadow boxing and calisthenics as a warm up.

This is usually followed by 5 or 6 rounds of high intensity technical instruction utilizing the heavy bag and or partner pad work which will include a variety of techniques including kicks, punches, knees, elbow strikes, and clinch work.

We will then typically end Class with Strength + Conditioning Body Weight exercises. When classes have ended feel free to stretch out and ask us any questions regarding further training at EMA.

We hope you have a great work out and fall in love with the sport we love so much!

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu​

We have a few different types of classes that you can experience through our 10th planet jiu jitsu program. We do classes pretty much the same structure every day. We start with “flow rolling” which is no submissions just moving from position to position for 15mins.

Then we do technique for 30 mins. Then we do real rolling with submission.

Some people choose not to roll on their first days but I always remind them that tapping out is the escape room every move ever invented so if they get uncomfortable, just tap.

10th Planet – All Levels

10P All Levels This class begins with a warm up of flow rolling (no submissions) with different partners. We then move into the technique portion, where one or a series of techniques will be drilled with a partner. The class finishes with rolling, including submissions.

10th Planet – Fundamentals

This class begins with a Jiu Jitsu style warm-up, including fundamental movements such as shrimping and shoulder rolls. We then move into the technique portion, where a technique or series of techniques will be drilled along with a partner. The class ends rolling, with submissions.

10th Planet – Live Rolls

This class begins with EBI (Eddie Bravo Invitational) rounds, which is situational rolling beginning from a set position. We then move into regular rolls.

10th Planet – Wrestling

This class begins with flow wrestling to warm up, setting up different shots or positions without finishing takedowns. Then we drill a specific takedown or technique, with a partner. The class ends with Jiu Jitsu rounds, starting from a standing position.

Before You Go…

Make sure you grab a copy of our schedule, download your first class checklist and visit our fight shop to make sure you’re prepped and ready for class! 

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