Introduction to the Thai Language

As a school for Martial Arts, while we believe in physical training as a practice, we also encourage and preach education in the culture and history. Though our younger students may not be thinking of a trip to Thailand, we still ingrain a mentality for learning regardless of age. Besides, who doesn’t want to learn the basics of a language anyways!

1 – Neung
2 – Song
3 – Sam
4 – See
5 – Ha
6 – Hok
7 – Chet
8 – Paet
9 – Gao
10 – Sip

Now, every time we count to 10 when we perform an exercise, try reciting this!

If you’re feeling ambitious and are doing the “Advanced” classes, why not go to 20?

11 – Sip-Et
12 – Sip-Song
13 – Sip-Sam
20 – Yee-Sip

How about some basic every day phrases/words to your instructor, teammates/classmates? Note that if you’re a female, end off with Kha, and for males, it’s khap!

Hello – Sawadee-(khap) or (kha)
How are you? – Sabai De Mai-(khap) or (kha)
Thank you – Khop Khun-(khap) or (kha)
Yes – Chai
No – Mai
Instructor/Teacher – Kru
Fighter – Nak Muay
Water – Nam
Left – Sai
Right – Kwa
Easy/relax – Sabaii Sabaii
Hustle/Faster – Leo Leo

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