How to Choose the Right Martial Art for Your Child

Martial Art For Your Child

How to choose the right martial art for your child

Now that students are back to school, it’s important for parents to get their children involved in extracurriculars. In this article, we’ll guide you through choosing the right martial art for your child. With mental burnout increasing, Martial Arts is a wonderful way to promote discipline, respect and fitness that will set children up for long term success into their adult years. Most importantly, Martial Arts will give your child the life tools to use in case they are in a defence situation!



There are a number of arts under the Martial Arts umbrella. From karate to tae-kwon-do, parents have different arts to choose from which makes the choice and commitment difficult. However, there’s one particular practice that is quickly picking up steam especially in Ontario. Muay Thai, the art of eight limbs, has quickly taken the province by storm. Like many arts, it preaches mental fortitude, physical grit and respect to the ones before us. In North America, we consistently see it as a ballet of sorts and a teacher of humility.




The answer is simple: There is no best martial art to practice. In a self defense situation, anything can happen. However, Muay Thai is incredibly safe to practice – especially at home, when all you need is your body and (maybe) a mirror! Muay Thai is a practical martial art considering you are using a combination of all your limbs to defend yourself. Although basic, it requires hours of drilling technique and applying to different scenarios. It’s simply a beautiful way of expressing yourself through action.


Muay Thai is physically demanding and requires us to use limited to no weights at all. Apart from the technique itself, bodyweight exercises, stretching, and running are the only ingredients needed to become a well verse practitioner. 




In an effort to show that Muay Thai is safe to practice, Muay Thai Ontario was created to govern the rules and regulations for practitioners. It’s also to show our international friends that it can be an Olympic Sport! 

That in itself is why it’s an exciting time to get involved in Muay Thai. You will be part of a growing community with an excellent system to support  your child in becoming a resilient, contributing member of society.




The first step of your child’s Martial Arts journey is selecting a club/school. While we are recognized as a school of teaching Martial Arts, we are a team first. We want every family member to be part of the learning process so your child can reap the benefits of Martial Arts. We promote safety and fun in our curriculum and we invite you to “Embrace the Grind” with us. Experience is everything and we’ll work with you to meet your goals as a family. Our traditional approach to Martial Arts is embedded in our teaching from the roots of Thailand to the way we conduct classes.

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