Knockout Boxing Classes in Etobicoke

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Step into the Ring: Boxing Classes for Everyone

Boxing is one of the oldest combat sports in the world, and it involves two opponents wearing padded gloves who engage in a strategic and physically demanding contest of strength, agility, and skill. The objective is to land punches on the opponent while avoiding their strikes, with points awarded for clean hits.

Boxing training promotes discipline, endurance, and mental toughness, requiring athletes to master various techniques like jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. Due to the strength, agility, and cardio fitness necessary, Boxing is an incredible full body workout.

It is a highly regulated sport with weight divisions and stringent safety measures. Boxing has a huge worldwide fanbase, with legendary fighters and thrilling matches becoming part of its legacy through media coverage, film, and pop culture.

At Etobicoke Martial Arts, we are proud to introduce boxing as our newest discipline. As a sport with a long and storied history, boxing is a tremendous addition to our roster, offering even more diversity and skill to our programming and training regime. We are thrilled to have professional boxer Junmar Emon leading our new classes.