The Blue Shorts Test: A Muay Thai Curriculum



Curriculum Based Muay Thai

Under Ajahn (Master) Suchart, the change maker who spearheaded Muay Thai in Canada, has set a standard for Muay Thai. Just like his gym, Etobicoke Martial Arts has also adopted the Blue Shorts Test. This system provides members a sense of direction and opens up opportunities on what path they would like to take their Muay Thai career, whether to mentor, teach, fight or continue being a positive, contributing member to the community.


Regardless of your previous experience in Martial Arts or in Muay Thai, everyone starts off with “Yellow Shorts”. With the Blue Shorts Test occurring 3 to 4 times a year, all aspirants have the opportunity to work towards the test. Half that battle is just showing up to class! 


Here at Etobicoke Martial Arts, while we encourage class attendance and participation, we also stress the importance of doing work outside. We understand that not many of you have all the necessary equipment at home. However, the beauty of Muay Thai conditioning is that you only need your body! 




  • Push Ups (50x)
  • Crunches/Thai Sit Ups (50x)
  • Bodyweight Squats (50x)
  • 5KM Run (Under 30 Minutes)


While these goals look difficult at first, keep pushing yourself! You may not be able to even do 20 straight push ups but try aiming for 10. A 5KM Run under 30 minutes might be too much for you, so why not jog it out and see where you finish. Next time around, try and beat your time! The better conditioned you are, the easier things become!


Muay Thai preaches discipline, so it’s not only bodyweight exercises to work on but also shadow-boxing to ensure refined technique. Every minute of practice goes a long way and focusing on your goals of where you want to take your Muay Thai is incredibly important.


Come in for a trial class to see what we’re about and how we can work towards your goal together!

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