Back to that “New Year, New Me” famous tagline – though, our key recurring word is “accountable”.  


Usually, the trend is that people want to try something new or in our case, hit the gym to lose weight and be healthy. Let’s take that out of the equation because we’ve already taken care of that for you. Show up, try your best and we’ll guide you to being successful just by coming in to train. The best about thing it as while we don’t bug you about showing up, our members will actually keep each other accountable and ask where you are if you haven’t come around for a while.


At this stage, we encourage you to keep a workout log of days where you show up to train and even your personal and honest opinion about yourself of how hard you put in work. Maybe have a scale of 1-10 of your effort. It’s part of being accountable for your actions.




There are tools in keeping yourself to high level of accountability. As mentioned before, it’s being honest with yourself and this is why having some sort of log or journal is important. Honesty and being accountable to your actions basically work hand in hand with each other. If you find that you’re not making results, the hard truth is that you may have been lying to yourself.




  1. Have a calendar and block off your time for the gym. No ifs or buts. This is your time and you need to take your health seriously because it’s a second job. We recommend using Google Calendar and colour coding it with a nice, bold colour! Ensure that you make the gym a recurring event.
  2. Have a diary or journal of what you eat. Again, no ifs or buts. This aspect of healthy living tends to be exaggerated. We say we only ate “this” much but in reality, it was quite a bit. We recommend using MyFitnessPal to log what you eat. Your servings/helpings of what you eat may not be 100% of what you input into the app, but logging 80% of what you eat is much better than doing nothing.


Let’s start off with this and see what comes of it! Be accountable and be honest. We promise that these traits will bleed over to other parts of your life as well and will definitely help you in the long run.


Remember, if it was easy then everyone would do it. It takes commitment and the right level of seriousness to achieve your goals.

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