Into our second year of operations, we have had tremendous success in 2019 especially on the competition scene. Our Muaythai program continues to develop; our youth programming, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team has seen strides setting up for a fantastic 2020. 




Thanks to our members, we accomplished a lot in 2019 – here are some highlights:


  • Our first youth competitors in the Canadian Youth Movement Event. Congrats to Simon on his first event and even making an appearance for the Muaythai Nationals Tournament at the Pan Am Centre! Many more things to come for you in 2020! 
  • Jason and Paul making their debuts in the Montreal Fight League as well as our very own Kru Mat making his comeback to the competitive circuit. 
  • Jason’s first gold medal at the Provincial Tournament and EMA’s first medalist. He continues to be the hardest working member at our gym! 
  • Ajahn Suchart’s first visit – he will be looking to bless the gym in 2020! 
  • The introduction of some new instructors: Kru Ram and Kru Alec from Triumph Muaythai and Toronto Striking Academy, both bringing a dynamic of Muaythai, Kickboxing and Boxing to the curriculum. 
  • Continued Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grading at Body of Four for tournament and competition in 2020. 




As a current member of the gym, prospect or a former member looking to come back, here are some things to expect: 


  • Joining the kickboxing circuit and registering for WAKO. 
  • Continuing the development of the Muaythai competition team for both the Montreal Fight League and Muaythai Ontario events 
  • Muaythai clinching and advanced techniques from Kru Nic, Ram and Alec
  • Boxing with a new instructor TBA with Olympic aspirations!
  • Preparation for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belt Grading and tournament preparation with Professor Roberto 
  • Personal/Private Training 


The gym is nothing without our members and we’re so happy to have you all! Please do let us know if there’s anything we can do to improve your experience and we’d love to receive any feedback for the greater good of your development as well as all our other members. 


Happy New Year! 


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